Donor Contact Center

Frequent communication shows your donors that they are a valued part of your mission and keeps an open channel for you to solicit future donations. You've worked hard to establish the importance of your mission to your donor base, and you know transparency and dependability are key factors in maintaining the relationship. One very important channel is your contact information you provide to your donors. Nonprofits large and small can benefit from having a friendly, helpful person answer the phone and maintain the personal connection to your nonprofit's mission, on your behalf. The Aegis Donor Contact Center provides live personnel who function as an extension of your team to answer donor questions, handle phone donations and provide email responses on behalf of your organization. Our dedicated team will follow your business rules to ensure proper messaging and communication is delivered at every touchpoint.

Donor Call Center

Our professional staff handles calls and emails from your donors, using your established business rules and scripts. Our Donor Call Center employees become an extension of your organization, to update donor records, answer questions over the phone, and respond via email to donors. Your organization benefits from having a responsive contact center for your donors to stay connected to you, allowing you to have more time to focus on your mission.

A Responsive Way To Connect With Donors, On Their Own Terms

When your donors have requests or questions, they appreciate having a live person to speak to, or a non-automated email response from a human about their inquiry. Simply put, we are your donor services team and we'll go above and beyond to make your donors know they are a valued part of your nonprofit. 

Our Donor Call Center capabilities include:

  • Custom script and messaging of calls
  • Bilingual (Spanish) speaking representatives
  • Recorded calls
  • Stored call recordings (up to 90 days)
  • Our team can access your database to answer questions and/or update donor records
  • Call transfers to clients as needed
  • 24-hour turnaround time for email response
  • Centrally located in the United States (Topeka, KS) to handle all time zones

Donor Gratitude Department

Fundraising inspires an emotional response, and appreciation and gratitude are the cornerstone of donor retention. Do you want your nonprofit to stand out in your donor's mind in an impactful and positive way? For years, nonprofits have benefited from multichannel fundraising, but not multichannel acknowledgment. The Donor Gratitude Department within our Donor Contact Center can manage your acknowledgment outreach programs for you, providing a multi-touch way to thank your donors for supporting your mission.

Go Above And Beyond The Thank You Letter

Thanking your donors as quickly as possible is key to receiving a second gift, and donors are used to getting a thank you letter. When you incorporate multichannel gratitude into your acknowledgments, you are cultivating a relationship with the donor that keeps them engaged with your organization. 

Let the Aegis Donor Gratitude Department help you show your donors how special they are to your mission. Our staff enables you to thank your donors using multiple communication channels such as:

  • Phone (personal or robo calls)
  • Email
  • Text
  • Print

Frequently Asked Questions

Does our nonprofit already have to be utilizing Aegis Processing Solutions for caging & lockbox to use the Contact Center?

Answer: No, we can provide contact center services to your organization, regardless if you are an existing client. However, our caging & lockbox clients benefit from enhanced capabilities in our donor contact center because our staff has access to Aegis Care, where they can see images of actual notes and requests written by donors, allowing for more insight to connect with callers while on the phone or through email. 

Are the Donor Gratitude Center services only available to existing Aegis Processing Solutions caging & lockbox clients?

Answer: We can provide multichannel acknowledgment services for your organization no matter where your donations are being processed. We have experience working with other vendors to receive files on a daily basis for acknowledgment processing and have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. 

Can the Aegis Donor Contact Center solicit donations for my nonprofit?

Answer: Aegis is not a licensed fundraiser, and cannot solicit donations on inbound or outbound calls. We can process donations on your behalf if your donor asks us to, otherwise, our agents are available to answer questions, update donor record information, and acknowledge donations on your behalf. 

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