Donation Processing / Caging

Your trusted partner for caging and lockbox services since 1988.

Our experienced staff understands the importance of expediency and accuracy. At Aegis Processing Solutions, our team has been providing exceptional service to nonprofit and fundraising organizations across the U.S. for more than 30 years. 

The Aegis processing center is strategically located in the central U.S. and is an ideal collection point for donations. Our completely remodeled 600,000 square foot facility features state-of-the-art security technology and infrastructure to ensure data is safe and secure. 

Our experience and attention to detail take the time-consuming task of donation processing off your plate allowing your organization to focus on fulfilling its mission.

Precise data capture and reporting are standard with Aegis

  • Data capture occurs through scanning equipment or manual data entry.
  • More than 85% of all documents received are electronically scanned.
  • Service Level Agreements for each client are used to determine exception-handling procedures (e.g., missing source documents, donation amount thresholds, mismatched check amounts, foreign currency, etc.).

PCI Compliance

  • Aegis is compliant with Payment Card Industry security standards and is assessed annually.
  • In addition to credit-card-specific data, Aegis has instituted the same security measures for all data sources.
  • All data is secured on-site with no unauthorized external access.

On-Demand Access to Direct Mail Response Data with Aegis Care

  • Aegis Care provides fundraising teams with the fastest access to your processed direct mail data in the format of an interactive dashboard.
  • Generate daily, weekly, and monthly deposit totals (revenue) that include batches, payment method, credit card type and breakout. See your appeals and program types to measure fundraising specifics.

Exception Handling

  • Whether it is missing remittance documents, unidentified campaign/appeal codes, donor comments, or unsigned/damaged checks, Aegis can create an exception-handling rule to notify donors or clients, research missing information, or return documents with minimal, or even uninterrupted processing.

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