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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aegis CRM the same as MyBernard?

Yes, in December 2016 Bernard Data Solutions integrated with Aegis Premier Solutions and became Aegis Premier Technologies. Our core technology offering, Aegis CRM, is the same tool which was formerly named MyBernard and Rapid Entry.

I’m interested in learning more about your donor management offering, Aegis CRM. How can I get more information?

To get more information or to schedule a demo, please email us at

I’m an existing customer. How can I contact Support?

Support can be reached via the online portal by logging in at or via email at Our Support team is based in Denver, Colorado and is available 8 AM – 7 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

My existing CRM is out of date and our vendor doesn’t keep up with the latest trends in technology. How often is your donor management system updated?

We are always making improvements to Aegis CRM, ensuring you always have the most recent version of the solution at your fingertips.

How do I know my donor’s data is secure?

We understand the sensitivity of your data and have taken steps to ensure you and your constituents are protected with a three layer security scheme:

  • Our data center has passed exhaustive security audits from outside firms to ensure that your data is secure.
  • Access to Aegis CRM is controlled through 256 bit SSL, an industry standard for accessing websites in a secure manner. Additionally, any financial information that is necessary for storage is encrypted using 3DES algorithms and is PCI Compliant.
  • Sophisticated user-specific access rights ensure that you control who views, edits and runs reports and queries on your data.

My existing CRM is slow. I sometimes wait days for a list pull or a report to finish running; it really impacts our work. Is Aegis CRM any better?

With the experience of the development team who has worked with 100+ million record databases, Aegis CRM has been architected to ensure the best performance possible when working with your data. Aegis CRM is designed using the latest development and testing models to ensure guaranteed up-time and data integrity, to-date we experience 99% uptime. See our real-time uptime stats here.

Where does the name Aegis come from and how do I pronounce it?

To put it simply, in Greek mythology aegis refers to the shield carried by Athena and Zeus. The modern definition more broadly stands for protection.

Aegis Premier Solutions strives to be a trusted partner for our clients. We will “protect” our clients’ valuable and sensitive data and take every possible effort to shield clients from the hassles related to donation processing and data management.

There are multiple accepted pronunciations of the word, but our company is pronounced ˈē-jəs. 

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