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FAQs - Donation Processing / Caging

Frequently Asked Questions

If we switch to Aegis Processing Solutions for our donation processing services, can we keep our current PO Box?

Yes. Aegis Processing Solutions will work with your existing PO Box or you can open a PO Box in Topeka, Kan., where our facility is located.

What are the costs for reshipment?

Costs vary depending on location. Please contact Aegis Processing Solutions at 866.936.6671 for a quote.

If we switch to Aegis Processing Solutions for our donation processing services, can we keep our existing bank?

Yes, or you can ask us for a recommendation for a bank that gives our clients special pricing. For a detailed quote contact us at 866.936.6671.

Can Aegis Processing Solutions process Acknowledgements without doing my caging?

Yes, Aegis Processing Solutions can customize an agreement to fit your needs, whether you use our company for a single service or take advantage of our entire suite of donation processing services.

What is the turnaround time associated with processing my donations?

Our clients receive next day turnaround for reports, data and deposits.

What is the setup time for Aegis Processing Solutions to take over my donation processing/caging?

Setup time varies by client, by usually takes between 2-4 weeks depending on the bank and database company.

Does Aegis Processing Solutions offer merchant services?

Yes. Our Merchant Services program offers interchange-plus pricing with month-to-month contracts, low monthly fees and no early termination penalties. We are so confident we can save you money, that we will donate $500 to your cause if we can’t.

Is Aegis Processing Solutions PCI Compliant?

Yes! Your security is our top concern. Aegis Processing Solutions maintains a secure environment that is Level 3 compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

What insurance coverage does Aegis Processing Solutions have?

Aegis Processing Solutions employees are fully bonded by a company-wide bond. Insurance policies are maintained to reimburse for loss of money or property due to fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by our employees.

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