COVID-19 Resources For Fundraisers

Aegis is Committed to our Customers and Partners During the COVID-19 Crisis.

Nonprofits across the globe are experiencing the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the potential impacts it could have on fundraising efforts in the immediate future and beyond. Aegis, along with our parent company Moore, is committed to supporting your organization throughout the course of this pandemic and to providing the continuity of service at all times. 

We understand the importance of making it possible for you to continue your fundraising efforts and help you respond to the unique demands of this ever-changing situation. That's why we have put together this resources page for you to find helpful information, updated on a weekly basis during this crisis - that can help you keep a pulse on what we're seeing in terms of direct mail impacts, and we'll also share important information from our parent company on the state of fundraising during this time.

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