Aegis Care

Introducing Aegis Care, a new cloud-based application built for our caging and lockbox clients to access direct mail response data, reports, and images.

Care allows fundraising teams to access on-demand response images, deposit breakdowns, and appeal / program insights to answer and reconcile their fundraising and caging needs. We built Aegis Care with the following people in mind:

Fundraising Teams

Fundraising team members that handle donor relationships can research donor questions and view check imagery faster than ever before. Manage campaigns by answering questions, handling data, and by helping accounting teams with data and reporting.

Finance & Accounting Teams

Finance and accounting teams can use Care to view deposit reports, combine caging revenue sources with other data sources, build projections using data from Care, and work with the data to balance general ledgers.

Field Teams

Care is fully responsive, so it works well on any device. Pull it up anywhere there is WiFi or cellular connection and begin interacting with data to answer a direct mail response question, or to collaborate with others in reconciling information from different systems.

Other Team Members

Grant Care access to anyone involved in the fundraising process that needs to understand the fundraising efforts. Board members, executive directors, and even agencies can benefit from Aegis Care.

Day-To-Day Appeal Analysis

Fundraisers can use Care to do various levels of analysis after launching a direct mail appeal. Care provides you with faster access to data in order monitor your appeals and make quick adjustments if needed.

Identify High-Dollar Responses

Staff involved with your donor or member relations can use Care to research high-dollar responses. Development teams can shorten the response time to a donor making contributions to your mission.

Inquiries On-The-Go

Team members that are in the field can access Care on any mobile device to answer potential questions from donors or other team members. With full access to reports and data via tablet and mobile devices, your fundraising staff will constantly stay up to date.

Aegis Care Product Features

Intuitive Dashboard Visualizations

Interact with the data in a more intuitive fashion with interactive data visualizations. Easily digest the data by seeing details at a macro level, and use the visualizations to identify problem areas to drill into.

Responses & Imaging

Quickly search for and locate responses and response imaging to reply to donor inquiries. Pinpoint high-dollar donors to expedite your acknowledgment, general ledger entry, and other processes. View correspondence and messages written by donors on every response with an image captured.

Reports Data List

Generate daily, weekly, and monthly deposit totals (revenue) that include batches, payment method, credit card type and breakout. See your appeals and program types to measure fundraising specifics. Download data and reconcile information between fundraising processes.

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