Thanking Your Donors Is Now More Important Than Ever

Apr. 30, 2020 | Kevin Hartland, SVP Sales

Few can deny the fact that appreciation and gratitude are the foundation of donor retention. It is worth noting that communicating gratitude and appreciation assures your donors that you value and honor them as the lifeline of your organization.

Remember that saying “thank you” to your donors is more than merely good manners. It also generates enthusiasm and goodwill, motivating your donors to spread positive word-of-mouth about your efforts and organization as well as the work you are accomplishing together.

In addition, it is important to note that thanking your donors is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most efficient ways to raise more funds for your campaign. How you acknowledge and show appreciation for your donors plays a massive role in whether they will give money to your organization year after year or not. Also, well-communicated gratitude and appreciation often result in additional gifts, which is a bonus.

Appreciation and Gratitude Inspire More Giving

When donors receive a meaningful and timely thank you letter or email, they will likely donate again. Thanking the donor as quickly as possible is key to receiving a second gift; however, make every effort to make it meaningful. One way is to customize your letters at the donor level by using data intelligence in an effort to deliver an intimate individual experience to the donor.

While multi-channel is at the forefront of fundraising strategies, multi-channel gratitude is just as important. Using different communication channels to acknowledge a donor is key and will determine the most effective messaging and communication channel for each individual donor.

If timing to thank a donor is weeks, it is too long.  Narrowing the time to thank a donor to a matter of days will encourage a second gift and enable you to quickly start cultivating a relationship with the donor. If you have not evaluated how long it takes you to thank a donor, there is no better time than now. 

Forge Long-Term Relationships

It is no secret that thank you emails, and letters are usually the first step in forging a long-term and meaningful relationship with your donors. Remember that your thank you notes and letters let your donors know that you will use their funds and contributions well and meaningfully. It also shows that you notice and appreciate their support and commitment to your cause. 

And that is not all, as developing a personal, meaningful, and lasting relationship with your donors can, in many cases, help ensure continuing financial support. 

Gratitude is High Impact and Low-Cost

While this can seem obvious at times, note that many people do not take the time to show their gratitude and appreciation. Remember that showing gratitude costs almost nothing, but it can have a huge positive impact on your donors. It is worth noting that this is true for any organization, for-profit, or nonprofit. On the other hand, when donors do not feel appreciated, then they ultimately will not feel respected as well.

Personal Connections

Leveraging multi-channel communication platforms to let your donors know the difference they made and how much you appreciate them is the primary ingredient to growing sustainer programs and acquiring new donors. This helps create the foundation that influences your donor’s voice to do the talking for you. Donors want to know what difference they made in your organization; the key is the method and how quickly you communicate this message.

At Aegis, we have created a multi-channel gratitude platform for our clients. Our Donor Care Center provides inbound call support for donors, and our Donor Gratitude Center enables our clients to thank donors using multiple communication channels such as phone, email, text, or printed thank you letters.

We understand managing internal resources to support an acknowledgment process can be challenging for many organizations. You can lean on Aegis to be an extension of your organization to help alleviate these challenges and even improve your efficiencies and processes. Read more about our Donor Contact Center and Donor Gratitude Department here, and contact us if you'd like to discuss how our services can help your nonprofit. 

Kevin Hartland is Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Aegis Premier Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about the Aegis suite of services and how we can help you fulfill your mission.

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