Lose the weight…..

Jan. 11, 2017 | Cathy Brading

At times, every organization goes through the feeling of being understaffed. Time consuming, menial work can weigh you down and eat up precious time that could be spent achieving your mission and helping those who rely on your organization for assistance.

Updating records, rejected items, matching gifts and memorial acknowledgements are extremely important and time sensitive, but can easily take over your day. Let 2017 be the year you give up control of those tasks.

Whether you are a large or small organization, there are companies out there that can alleviate these time-drains for you. Ask your donation processing center if they have trained staff who can handle these items for you.

There are only a set number of hours in every day, make sure you focus your time where it is most valuable.

Cathy Brading
Director of Operations, Aegis Processing Solutions

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