Get Serious About Cyber Security!

Jan. 11, 2017 | Lori Read, CEO

In today’s world, it’s no longer a question of IF your company will fall victim to a data breach, but WHEN it will happen to you.

Even though cyber-attacks are front-page news almost daily, most nonprofit leaders still know very little about the risks associated with the collection and storage of personal information from employees, volunteers, clients and donors.

If you engage in any of the following practices, then your organization and donor’s security is likely at risk:

  • Any form of online credit card data collection
  • Processing payments online
  • Storing and transferring employee, client or donor data (both online and paper records)
  • Storing confidential information on cloud servers or systems
  • Storing confidential information on laptops, smartphones or USB drives
  • Selling or donating old computers or hard drives without properly erasing the data

In the next few months, Aegis Premier Solutions will be conducting a series of webinars designed to help your nonprofit navigate through the steps to protect your organization and your clients from risk. To sign up for the first webinar: Cyber Security: NPO Liability, visit our website

Don’t let 2017 be the year your organization faces the irreparable damage of a cyber-attack.

CEO, Aegis Premier Solutions

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