When Fundraising Strategy and Fundraising Technology Intersect

Sep. 10, 2018 | Kevin Hartland, VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Choosing a nonprofit Donor Management System is important, but nonprofits must first develop their strategy and plan, then choose the CRM that best fits within the strategy.

Fundraising Technologies (and the products and services that connect your organization to them) are a crucial element of any successful campaign.  However, simply placing a “Donate Now” button on your website with the hopes of donors coming in droves to give to your organization is not realistic and definitely not sustainable.  The same might be said for mass email distribution asking people to simply give. In many cases, this will not help your nonprofit meet its goals. 

Many non-profits fall into the trap of thinking that if they have a flashy website, donation web pages and other technologies it will immediately yield more donors and fundraising dollars.  Technology alone will not drive donors.  Coupling technology with the right fundraising strategy along with constant iteration will provide the best results. 

I have seen dozens of examples over the past 17 years of organizations thinking that if they simply ask people to give, they will.  Why wouldn’t they, right?  It’s understandable that the passion is strong and the mission is compelling, but who else feels this way?  Your mission and your vision are the crux of any NPO and obtaining the correct overall strategy to achieve your goals is critical.  Only after the strategy is agreed upon is it time to acquire the appropriate technology to support your strategy.

A solid Donor Management System (CRM) which can support ALL channels of donor/constituent/member engagement is absolute key.  Then based on your advised strategy implement engagement vehicles such as:

  • optimized website
  • targeted email marketing with personal content
  • flexible donation forms with dynamic gift arrays
  • registration microsites to learn more
  • peer to peer, advocacy if applicable

These components combined will serve your fundraising strategy today, as well as your constant iterations into the future.

To get the most out of your Fundraising Technology investment it must operate in tandem you’re your Fundraising Strategy. Only then will your nonprofit achieve and exceed the goals set forth. 

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Kevin Hartland is Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Aegis Premier Technologies. Contact Kevin for more information on Aegis CRM solutions by email:

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