Dig into your Data

Jan. 11, 2017 | Debby Lee

Meet with each donor in-person? Well, that would be nice! But the reality is that you already have at your disposal the information you need to meet them where they are. Tracking the channels in which your donors are engaging with your organization provides a map of where they like to communicate and be communicated to. A truly integrated marketing program means that you’re not just sending direct mail, email, social media and telethon campaigns, but that you are analyzing the responses to those channels, marrying that data with other engagements such as social media posts and event attendance, and re-strategizing accordingly.

We’ve all seen the stats. In 2015, 67% of donors aged 40-59 said they gave a donation online (src) making them the most likely to give online. Millennials are most inspired to give by social media, Generation X and Baby Boomers by email and Generation Z is predicted to prefer mobile apps (src). Within these groups, there are individuals with unique preferences which is why your campaign results should guide who you target for specific messages.

In 2017, commit to meeting your donors in the channels they prefer - you won’t be disappointed.

Debby Lee
Vice President of Marketing and Professional Services, Aegis Premier Technologies

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