Converting to Aegis CRM is Easy and (Mostly) Painless

Oct. 17, 2018 | Steve Veto, VP of Consulting Services

Don’t let the fear of conversion keep your nonprofit from shopping around for a new CRM partner.

Often an organization is fearful of converting to a newer, more powerful database platform because of the learning curve. As with any project, communication is the key.

Our Aegis team believes that we have created a process to minimize those pains.

A conversion to Aegis can typically be completed within 90 to 120 days, unless you have some specific business practices that are not currently supported.

Our approach is very methodical starting with a typical onsite two-day detailed needs analysis visit where both the client and Aegis personnel do a deep dive into both the organization’s current business rules and practices. This is followed up by reviewing together a data map showing all fields from your existing legacy system and how they will be placed into the Aegis CRM. This partnership provides both parties with an insight into the organization’s processes and allows your team the opportunity to ask questions through each step of the process.

We also do an initial BETA database build from the current legacy data to walk through the whole conversion process - from balancing to verifying all donor records, appeals, inventory, acknowledgments and other key modules – to ensure they are functioning as expected in preparation of the “go live” timeline.

Starting with the organization’s business practices here are just a few steps that we look at:

  1. Salutation build rules
  2. Prefix and suffix tables
  3. Scanline requirements
  4. Custom and static flags
  5. Custom data fields
  6. NCOA rules
  7. RFM Segmentation rules
  8. Appeal selection rules
  9. Acknowledgment rules

*Note: We like to dig into the practices and challenge the reasoning for keeping practices in place. At the same time, we may make recommendations on practices that likely should be added. 

Training depends on complexity of your internal processes. Aegis will work with the organization’s management team to determine what training is needed for each job function within the organization. Aegis will then outline specific online videos, live web training and onsite training needed for each of those findings. 

For conversion “GO LIVE”, we like to be onsite for the first three days. Having an individual at the organization relieves any anxieties during the switch over. For the following five to ten days, we typically check in daily. Then we move on to a weekly call, typically for another 30 days. At all times you can contact our support team with any needs.

At Aegis, we pride ourselves on our core value of putting the customer first. This principle guides the way our team handles each and every touchpoint with our clients. If you are looking for a nonprofit software company that will help you through every step of the conversion process, please consider Aegis. Register for one of our free monthly webinars to learn more about our A-Z suite of services. 

Steve Veto is Vice President of Consulting Services for Aegis Premier Technologies. Contact Steve for more information on Aegis CRM solutions by email:

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