Merchant Solutions

Reduce your credit card processing fees up to 40% per month

It’s simple, secure and affordable

Aegis Merchant Solutions enables your organization to process credit card donations online, in your database, or from your mobile phone or tablet. It’s simple, secure, and affordable, providing your donors a safe and secure payment channel to support your cause.

Proven Payment Processing

Developed by industry experts, Aegis Premier Solutions created a low-cost merchant program based on integrity. As a Level 1 PCI service provider and payment gateway, Aegis meets the industry’s toughest data security standards—providing you and your constituents with the highest level of protection.

Be aware of fixed cost programs, which typically have hidden fees and are generally proven to be a higher cost overall. Cost-Plus Pricing works by processing each credit card transaction at its respective interchange rate.  Interchange is the base processing rates set by Visa, MasterCard and Discover for each type of credit card and debit card. Cost-Plus Pricing will not only reduce your monthly processing fees, it will give you peace of mind knowing that you're not paying any hidden costs due to the total transparency it provides. 

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