Acquisition Funding

Grow Your Donor Base

Is your non-profit looking to grow your donor base more aggressively? Let Aegis Premier Solutions help you eliminate budgeting and operating cash flow constraints for prospecting expenses associated with our Acquisition Funding program. 

Aegis Premier Solutions has partnered with an FDIC insured financial institution to offer your non-profit a line of credit to remove budgeting restraints and grow your house file. 

How our Acquisition Funding program works:

  • We’ve partnered with an innovative FDIC-insured financial institution that understands the nonprofit industry and has put together a program specifically designed to enable nonprofits to grow their house file more aggressively. 
  • Establishing a line of credit can be time-consuming for nonprofits. Aegis Premier Solutions has designed a standardized program to expedite the process by acting as the liaison between your nonprofit and our partner financial institution.
  • After the line of credit is established, Aegis Premier Solutions continues to provide support to your organization to maximize the acquisition efforts.

Let our team simplify the process with our acquisition funding solution, allowing you to fulfill your mission. 

Contact us to learn more about our Acquisition Funding program:

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